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What We Offer

Welcome to Global Link China (GLC). We specialize in delivering the best educational & cultural experience for youth to college age students. GLC chooses one group annually to offer an educational culture exchange experience in China. Thinking of going with your group in June 2018? Apply Today. Applications open until February 15, 2018. Max 20 students. The experience includes

  • Full language and cultural immersion 
  • Safe, secure living environments at universities or quality hotels
  • Highly qualified staff who speak Chinese and English dedicated to students 
  • Fun, rewarding experiences, full of adventure and culture


Director Angela Hicks, narrates a China travel message video to students with

  • NC Secretary of State Elaine Marshall
  • Rui Shi, Ph.D. representing Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language (RACL)
  • Kevin Rowsey - representing NC State Confucius Institute 
  • Jianping Yang Ph.D. representing Chinese American Friendship Assoc. (CAFA)
  • Kevin Joshua Rowsey- University of North Carolina Chapel Hill student
  • Parents of RACL - John Parker and Andrea Lloyd



“The trip to Beijing was very enlightening and enriching. I had an amazing time meeting…"
"Going to Beijing with Global Link China gave me a great appreciation for international travel…"


  • Hosted by renown universities in China and America 
  • Most affordable travel experience to China and to America 
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Full language & cultural immersion with authentic indigenous experiences
  • Safety is a top priority
  • Rated by students #1 for fun with frequent speaking opportunities
  • Rated by parents as a significant growth experience for students
  • Opportunity to establish global peer relationships and make friends
  • Awesome educational, historical, cultural visits and sightseeing